The artwork: Sobrenatural

In this artwork, nature and its forces are represented. The artist found the inspiration to create it after a rough weather devastated a whole forest, destroying thousands of trees.

Nulo believes nature is a balance between dynamic and static forces. The dynamic one is the wind, with the ability of moulding mountains, transforming landscapes and directing the water through the land. The static force is composed by the trees’ roots, which come out from under the pavement and break walls to find their place; the hills, the mountains, the stones. They don’t give up, they don’t fall, they don’t let the wind win. Energy versus resistance. None of them can live without the other. Two equal forces that, at the same time, are completely different.

The artist: Nulo

Lucia Pintos, aka Nulo, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1989. In 2010 she began to study at the National School of Fine Arts. Nevertheless, she changed her mind after a year and took a self-taught way. In 2014 she joined Casa Wang, a collective of local, independent artists, where she organised workshops and exhibitions.  

Nulo has specialised in plastic arts and muralism. Her work is impersonal and free and can be found above all in Uruguay, Brazil and Italy, where her study currently is.