The artwork: Travellerz

His artwork represents a world where scientific laws have never existed as we know them. A world reigned by magic and imagination, where dreams can’t be distinguished from reality, where oneiric and psychedelic creatures can easily be found. This world isn’t a utopia neither a dystopia. There, animals make use of archaic technology and beings wander around places that, perhaps, don’t exist either.

The artist: El Rughi

El Rughi was born in a city in the South of Italy, Martina Franca. He began to paint everything he had near him since his childhood, so as that he could kill boredom. He travelled around Italy, Spain and Germany, experimenting techniques and forms until he found his own artistic style. He therefore mixes the classic graffiti with children illustration, tattoo and comic language. He is currently living in three different places: London, Barcelona and Italy, and apart from painting walls, he works on tattoo, serigraphy and self-production of fanzines about street-art, illustration and underground comics.