The artwork: Azar

The hazard is a current coincidence, theoretically, in different phenomena characterized by complex causes, non-lineal and, above all, causes that don’t look too predictable if we consider all their details. The artwork presents the disjunctive between a human being and a community, and how both of them live together depending on the interaction in a social environment such as the city. The color concentration makes us think of some small random unities that, even if they look similar, each of them goes in its own direction.

The artist: Margalef

Margalef is an experimentation platform focused on projects that combine art and architecture in different urban contexts. A great part of his artwork are ephemere installations that intervene the public space and build new cartographies to interact with the spectator and the environment.

Geometrics, patterns and color characterize his art. Margalef usually works with industrial materials, but he treats them through a honest artisan technique in order to adapt them to the urban language codes.