The artwork: Perspectivas y vacíos
The plans, shapes and colors make this composition an invitation to look up and interpret the space. The work “Perspectivas y vacíos” represents a meeting scenario, where perspectives and precision evoke the city full of geometry and movement.

The artist       
Anna Taratiel was born in Barcelona and had a first contact with the art world through graffiti under the artistic name of OVNI (UFO in Spanish). She studied graphic design at the University School of Steam of Terrassa and graduated in mural techniques at the Llotja de Barcelona. Her work evokes internal landscapes and raises metaphorical reflections on the environment, expressed through geometric abstraction, provoking emotions and pulsing the viewer’s perception through the intense relationship -compositive, conceptual, technical- that she maintains with space and color. Mental cartographies that acquire material life to deal, from the visual misunderstanding, with the ideas of structure, pattern and variation, or with the boundary between the bi and three-dimensional.