With the aesthetics of a video game, ImonBoy represents a tennis match that is being played on a train car. As in other scenes he usually paints, the protagonist of the artwork is ImonBoy himself, who plays the game against a security guard. In this way, the artwork becomes a metaphor of the reality that graffiti writers live.


This artist has been in the world of graffiti for years, alternating his pieces in the street parallelly with other studio projects. In an auto-referential way, he brings to the artistic plane all the aspects that appear in his life: graffiti, videogames, internet, cinema, music, travel, friends, etc. The key to his production is the union of all these pop elements and the curiosity for drawing and searching for new forms and scenarios.
Thanks to scholarships and exhibitions, he has been able to show his work at La Térmica, CAC Málaga, MAD de Antequera, Iniciarte Program or galleries such as Positive Propaganda (Munich), Birimbao Gallery, Affenfaust Galerie (Hamburg), District Gallery (Philippines), Adjust Wynwood (Miami), GoodSpace Gallery (Sydney) or Martinez Gallery (New York).