The artwork: Luminiscencia

This artwork represents the strength of colors and balance, creating an optical effect. The technique used by the artist aims to achieve an effect of light and brightness through the degraded line and, at the same time, give a sense of cleanliness and simplicity of form. “Luminescencia” invites the viewer to feel part of the artwork, transmitting calm through the tones. When creating this mural, Innocenti thought about the noise of the city and how chaotic it is to walk in it and that is why she wanted to create something opposed to stress, something cheerful, that has part of its essence and generates harmony through geometry and the color.

The artist

Alessia Innocenti is a Chilean artist who studied Fine Arts with a major in painting. At the beginning of her career she dedicated herself to the education of children and adults, because giving part of herself and her art to other people enriches her. In parallel, she developped her artwork, exploring geometry and color. Currently, she alludes to fractals and symmetry, playing with the fluorescence of tones. She studies the light and the shadow through defined lines, degraded colors and the game of light and shapes in order to create optical illusions, applying its focus to different supports and dimensions.

Instagram: @alessiainart