Artwork: Straight ballin’

The mural is a clear allusion to New York hip-hop culture. The typography used is inspired by the classic film Wild Style, and forming an antithesis of the era, in the front there is a portrait of the singer Drake. Dagoe uses satire and humor to convey his messages, which often allow for different interpretations. Regarding the graphic record, he likes to explore the material and the textures, mixing text with image and using pastel ranges, both in acrylic and in spray.


Aitor Cara, aka Dagoe, started in the world of graffiti thanks to friends from Badalona, his hometown, during his high school years. In 2012 he participated in a muralism festival in Paris, which led him to move to the French capital and focus on murals and canvases, making a residency at the atelier Narvaland. After getting to know Tunisia, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, he returned to Catalonia to study Illustration at the Escola Massana in Barcelona.
He graduated in September 2018 and, currently, his work focuses on illustration, design and animation.