The artwork: Radiografía personal (personal radiography)

This artwork reflects the change that we live in certain moments of our lives. As if it were an x-ray, the artist has represented a head full of things, thoughts, emotions. On the one hand, the flowers symbolize the illusion and the deepest dreams of human beings. On the other, the rocks are destructive and cause a transformation. So, in that head, which could be any of us’, the stones are burying and oppressing the flowers and, at the same time, generating a change in our way of being and understanding life.


Cristina Daura is an illustrator from Barcelona with a particular style, an approach to the mix between classic comics and Fauvism. She studied illustration in La Massana, complementing her studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore). After spending several years with jobs that did not make her happy, she decided to embark on what filled her the most: drawing comics and illustrating in her own way. Her artwork plays with the mind, using primary colors in harsh, punk and somehow macabre illustrations, where decapitated or faceless people are often protagonists. She currently works for press around the world, music groups, books and any other type of project that makes you reflect and seek answers through art.

Instagram: @cdaura