The artwork: Solo un beso (just a kiss)

This mural is created regarding the PRIDE, which will take place this month, and claims the freedom to love and be loved, regardless of sex and gender of a person. The artwork “Solo un beso” represents two women falling into the void and trying to kiss, denouncing the persecution that the LGBT people suffer every day. The artist wanted to reflect the injustice that homosexual people experience in certain countries: detentions, kidnappings, extortion and murder. Fortunately, he says that in cities like Barcelona the situation is not that extreme, but he makes it clear that we should not forget it, because today a kiss between two people of the same gender still bothers a part of the society. Thus, the mural defends the freedom to love and kiss, for all people.

The artist: Mr.Sis

Mr.Sis is an illustrator by profession, but he also works in other artistic disciplines such as theater and dance. “Sis” comes from Siscu and “MR” is the initials of his surnames. He was born and resides in Barcelona, ​​but he is always eager to go out and get to know the world and create. Increasingly attracted by the painting and the mural, the artist is in a continuous search for new supports and techniques to learn and improve every day. Beyond perfection, he considers it essential to allow oneself to make mistakes in order to create in a relaxed way, enjoying the result as much as the creative process.

Instagram: @mr_sis_