L’obra: Magic Avenue

The need to create new things leads Laia to delve into her imagination, to close her eyes and imagine what the world would be like, her world, if she could build it herself. He would project magical, positive and crazy places, as he did when he was little 24 hours a day, but this time built based on the colors and the same skills he has always used in his graffiti pieces. If one day she could invent her own street, just look at this work. There is no negativity, no sad colors, no violence!

Welcome to Magic Avenue!


Laia, writer of Barcelona graffiti, began to be interested in graffiti in 1999, with 14 years. After seeing him in a television series of the time, he decided to take a marker and write his name on the street until 2000, when he began to make his first pieces from total ignorance and without any influence or company, which day of today it has made him have a somewhat special perception of graffiti. From that day until today, 20 years later, graffiti remains his way of life, his day to day, thanks to which he has been able to travel, exhibit, meet good friends and participate in events in different countries. But not only is her life, for her it is a struggle, her personal struggle to break the schemes that surround us and not set limits of any kind.

Instagram: @iamlaia