In September 2017 we started the Can Boixeres project. The project arises from the need detected by residents and the city council to improve the L5 Can Boixeres subway exit and the adjacent area. With this objective in mind, an improvement project has been designed jointly with IES Apelas Mestres, AAVV Sanfeliu, Can Boixeres Senior Citizens’ Center and Espai Sanfeliu – Sant Ildefonso.

The space design process was to detect needs and seek solutions among all the groups involved. Meetings, workshops and work sessions were held to decide and design the final proposal.

Finally, the final proposal was executed jointly with the young people from the Apelas Mestres institute and in an open day to all the participants who wanted to help improve the space.

The final design included benches built from recycled materials, wheel pylons that would prevent cars from entering the area, artificial grass to make the slope more practicable and easy to maintain, and a colorful wall design.

Objectives and considerations:

– Carry out a regeneration and recovery project of a space not resolved by the public administration. This space is the point where the vast majority of residents pass by, as they are at the only subway exit in the neighborhood and on the main road.
– The action was framed within the “mobility week” of 2017 with the aim of generating a project for the sustainable recovery of place.
– Priority was given to the use of recovered material from the local green point to promote recycling.
– The network participating in the project had to be as wide as possible and intergenerational.
– Reaching out to neighbors who are not part of any organization through open sessions of improvement and design of the space.

Previous state

The previous state of the space as it can be seen was very deteriorated and in disuse. The lack of benches and the poor signage of the elevator, located at the back and not visible, were also detected.
Neighbors highlighted the lack of color and care in one of the most used spaces in the neighborhood and how the image it conveyed was neither adequate nor inviting to use it.

Work process

Final results