The artwork: Veïnes (neighbours)

“Veïnes” shows through humour what happens when humans intervene into the natural space of the animals around us. Surprised, we look at our new neighbours and we wonder where they came from.

“Well, adapt or perish, dear”.

Combining illustration and typography, the artwork invites us to think about these changes, since seagulls have perfectly integrated our urban environment and have become a classic in the streets of Barcelona.

The artist

Núria Toll is a restless graphic designer that always has been interested in art and everything around it. In 2014 it was a new beginning for her, abandoning the small illustration notebooks and starting to with bigger formats and spray. It’s a new technic which has let her experiment with geometry and colour, without forgetting sensitiveness and innocence. She es currently focused on muralism and street art, combining illustration with typography and lettering.

Instagram: @nuriatoll