The city of Barcelona historically has a close relationship with urban art and street arts. Before Barcelona City Council’s citizenship law (approved in 2005), the city was considered one of the three cities with the most artists and urban art in the world, along with Berlin and New York. Although the city does not currently have large institutions or platforms, it continues to attract the best urban artists and export talent, positioning it as a dynamic city that has a vibrant street art and muralism scene.

The first edition of the Volta project. Cycle of urban creativity at the DHUB, organized by A-FAD and Contorno Urbano, with the impulse of the DHUB, wants to offer a space for debate, presentation and execution of projects with the aim of showing a representation of the vanguards and contributions of artistic and social movements through urban art.

The cycle of urban creativity that we propose seeks to bring urban art closer to the citizens of Barcelona in order to make it more accessible and improve the porosity of the institution towards its environment. Within the context of the project, 3 artists, groups of artists or collectives of artists will be selected to intervene, with different urban art techniques, in the exterior space of the DHUB.

In the first edition the three participating artists were: Octavi Serra, Pati Baztán and Rugui.