Taquen’s work, “Sustain” focuses on giving weight and importance to all our actions, as well as everything that surrounds us, in the words of the artist: “Hold, bear, balance … If our exerted force is superior or lower than what we receive, the environment will be affected, in one way or another. That is why in equilibrium is where I find the best way to integrate ourselves, without shocks, without exaggeration, leaving a camouflaged footprint that will become part of that environment naturally, without destabilizing it.”


Taquen is a young plastic artist and cartoonist, dedicated especially to wall painting for more than 8 years. Born in A Coruña in 1992 but Madrileño for adoption. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. Much of his work revolves around the natural and organic, in the dialectic between these elements and the landscape, that is where it makes sense. Concerned about the social and environmental context, his work has a great sensitive component and is based on his experiences, much of them in the natural environment. He considers urban art as a tool for social transformation and has led several social projects in Nepal. He began as many to paint graffiti when he was just 13 years old and has not abandoned the large format since then, adding new tools and extending his work through national and international territory to places like Nepal, Greece, Germany or Ireland.

Instagram: @taquen