Work “Fight Plastic Portal”.

The leit motiv of this work is based on traveling and contemplating, inspiring and living the natural environments that I always visit from abstraction and personal graphic language always evolving. Waters, blues, exciting textures, the exuberance of nature, turquoise colors, water flows, the health of the environment, the fight against plastic is the starting points for the inspiration that will give rise to the work “fight plastic portal”. A dichotom between the organic and the technological, taking as its main motive the essence of the movement


Barcelona artist Joan Tarragó has developed a unique style thanks to the fusion of graphic language, ancient symbolism and surf influences. Between illustration, graphic design and urban art, Tarragó’s works absorb and wrap in a movement full of energy, where vivid colors of nature predominate; the turquoise of the sea and the orange of the fire. Tarragó has worked and exhibited in places like Miami, New York, Japan and Bali, where he has been able to capture his art on walls, facades and even on skate courts.