Our mission

Our mission is to study, promote and preserve urban art  in society through actions of urban creativity. Urban creativity is a new model of union between art and the city, where the work adapts to the needs of space and people in an integral and organic way.

This allows us to intervene in a contextualized way to the spaces most deteriorated or most demanded by neighbors. This new way of seeing the city stems from the need to rethink our public spaces to improve the quality of life of the people who live in it. The improvement implies addressing not only the problems of sustainability or mobility but also by incorporating art and culture as changing element in our society.

Our Values

We have to learn to see the art like a tool for resolving problems of our city and incorporate it as a a part at of new processes of change. Art is an motor of change and social improvement.

We want to use creativity to see the city in a new perspective. The impact art and creativity has in our live through our education programs, art exhibitions and other projects is a powerful and meaningful way to improve ourselves.

Working in the public space, the objective is to take into account our actions in a wide context. It is essential to arrive to our public with actions that improve their live and with relatable and engaging experiences.