The ecological cultural center is a civic space for co-creation and sustainable artistic experimentation. This project was born from the regeneration of a disused municipal site by the community and local actors in the neighborhoods of Les Planes and Sant Josep in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. At the end of the year 2020 we start the construction of the building of the ecological cultural center. This space is designed with the neighborhood and a network of local actors and is built through self-construction with volunteers and local agents. The project was born with the conviction that culture transforms, generates opportunities, has the capacity to raise awareness and excite, and is respectful of the environment in which it operates and can respond to contemporary urban challenges and vulnerable populations.


Call for Mediation and Research artistic projects 2022

Through interventions in micro-urbanism, public art and participatory processes, we want to reverse the pathologies and chronic deficiencies of our cities in order to improve them and make them more sustainable and efficient. These actions help us to revalue spaces and carry out very wide community intervention projects, which add value to the territory and reverse situations of inequality.
We seek to select between 6 and 8 proposals for Mediation and Research, at least 4 in the mediation mode and two in the Research mode, the call is aimed at artists, curators, researchers or mediators who work with art and sustainable development (social, economic, environmental and cultural). Intervention, community involvement and care for the environment will be valued.
Between 1 and 2 places will be reserved for artists from outside Catalonia or internationally to work with the community of L’Hospitalet, scholarships will be offered for transport, accommodation or meals.