Colectivo Licuado have participated in the Sutura Urbana vincle on Vincles project, which we carry out with the Sant Vicenç dels Horts City Council. The theme of the mural was chosen collectively among entities, neighbors and neighbors of the municipality.

Bridges, tunnels, roads, symbolize the union of two places. They are a means of communication necessary for interlacing. For some people, they are a source of memories and anecdotes, for others, the result of work and effort with a great outcome in common. This mural looks for the points of intersections between each person in the city, in search of common values: effort, dedication, faith, work, love.

With this image an allegory is made both of the daily life, of the life inside the home, and of the work done annually for the preparation of the festivities. Anonymous hands working for a shared purpose that will be part of all people.

Colectivo Licuado was formed five years ago, it´s a wall painting enterprise by Camilo Núñez and Florencia Durán. Today their aim is to paint and work together as a teamwork, giving color to public and private spaces. They investigate and combine the culture and tradition of a particular environment, with their own aesthetics.