Espacio Matrioska is one of the artists’ groups that have participated in the interior spaces phase of the Vínculos project, which we carried out with the Sant Vicenç dels Horts City Council. The theme of the mural was chosen collectively among entities, residents of the municipality. The scales that connect the streets of the Sant Josep neighborhood are a necessary means of communication to interlace.

For some people, they are a source of memories and anecdotes, for others, the fruit of work and effort with a great common outcome. This intervention seeks to enrich the experience of walking around the neighborhood, giving color and transforming the neighborhood with the same neighbors and roads.

You can enjoy this mural in escales de carrer Benicarló fins carrer Burgos. (Sant Vicenç dels Horts).

Espacio Matrioska is an artistic collective made up of six people with a degree in Fine Arts, who has been working in mediation, management and creation in the cultural field for three years. Functioning as a bridge between rural and urban areas, our main objective is to promote cultural exchange and artistic creation in all its forms and possibilities, understanding art as a transformative social tool.