DE TRIPAS AEROSOL – Vincles project

De Tripas Aerosol is one of the artists who participated in the interior spaces phase of the Vincles project, which we carry out with the City of Sant Vicenç dels Horts. The theme of the mural was chosen collectively between entities, neighbors of the municipality.

The stairs that connect the streets of the San José district are a necessary means of communication. For some, they are a source of memories and anecdotes, for others, the result of hard work and effort with a great deal of commonality. This intervention seeks to enrich the experience of walking around the neighborhood, giving color and transforming the neighborhood with the same neighbors.

You can enjoy this mural on the stairs of travesera de Barcelona amb carrer Baleares.  (Sant Vicenç dels Horts).

De Tripas Aerosol is Artur López alias, urban artist that after a long trajectory painting the street, centres his artistic work at the most social part creating ties among the urban art and the persons.

At his murals can observe the force, contrast and movement that recalls us slightly at his onsets as a writer of grafiti taking part of them at cities like Barcelona or Madrid.

In addition to the murals works the recycling of artistic way, at his project «Recycles the Grafiti», reusing the pots of spray and donor a new life, small gesture to let a minor print at the environment.