RICE en el projecte Vincles

RICE is one of the artists that have taken part in the phase of indoor rooms of the project Ties, which carry out with Sant’s City council Vicenç of the Orchards. The themed of the mural was chosen of collective way among entities, neighbours and neighbours of the township.

The scales that join the streets of the neighbourhood Saint Josep are a necessary media to interlace. For some persons, are font of memories and anecdotes, for others, fruit of work and effort with a big denouement in common. This intervention seeks to enrich the experience to stroll for the neighbourhood, giving colour and transforming the neighbourhood with the same neighbours and roads.

Can enjoy of this mural at the scales of street Barbastre fins carrer de Badajoz  and Bejar fins carrer Burgos. (Sant Vicenç dels Horts).

Tremendously influenciat for the step of the time, RICE permits his imagination flow for the streets of distinct cities and galleries, with the intent to translate at his work what he thinks that it is really important to explain.

It shows predominately his work at the outside, but RICE also creates art for galleries, cinemas, private customers and community projects; in addition to exerting an important paper as a educator of arts.

Painting actively at Barcelona, RICE has realised numerous works at every Europe. Cities like London, Berlin, Graz and Nottingham.