KTHR al projecte Vincles

URI KTHR is one of the artists that have taken part in the phase of micro-urbanism of the project Ties, which carry out with Sant’s City council Vicenç of the Orchards. The themed of the mural was chosen of collective way among entities, neighbours and neighbours of the township.

At the phase of microurbanisme have intervened rooms reduced of the neighbourhood of Saint Josep and of the neighbourhood of the Centre to make them kinder and adapt them at the interests and necessities of the citizenry. At this case also have organised residences of artists that have worked with the community all the phases of the intervention.

Can enjoy of this mural al carrer de Sant Joan Bosco (Sant Vicenç dels Horts).

URI KTHR is Oriol’s alias, Sant’s a young artist Boi of Llobregat that commenced his march for the muralisme through the grafiti and student at Barcelona’s university of Fine arts where commenced at developing an own style. Where imperen the realistic depiction of faces of wives and of animals. As well as the bricklayer of only colour that makes to travel at the spectator through the only fantasy for his works.