Annually dozens of volunteers participate in our urban regeneration projects to dignify and improve public space in a communitary way. We have a volunteer plan, a stable group of people involved and a good atmosphere in the sessions.

Within our projects the task of empowering, training and giving voice to all the people who want to participate is essential and is part of our mission as an organization.

Do you want to participate? Download and send this form to: info@contornourbano.com with the title of the email: volunteering

Generating community

The Contorno Urbano Foundation plans its projects around the return that they can offer to the community in which it intervenes and with the people at the center of the project. It is important that they not only position themselves as recipients of the actions but as giving part of their time, effort, knowledge and opinion. It is in this way that we approach the communities where we work to strengthen them and accompany them in processes of reflection, design and direct action for improvement.

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Our main projects with volunteers