Siro’s artwork

In his own words, “through my pieces I don’t try to explain or express anything in particular. After 10 years of painting, I think I have already turned this habit of painting into my little shelter, into an escape route from all the rest. I just enjoy playing with shapes, colours, composition, drawing monsters (because somehow I’m still a child) and basically enjoying what I do without caring what for or why”.

The artist

This Galician, known under the pseudonym Siro, was born in A Coruña, but he has lived in Barcelona for four years. He moved in to study Fine Arts and now that he has finished the degree, he dedicates himself to painting and tattooing. Unlike painting, graffiti or muralism have never been his main areas of research, but they have always been present in his mind, he has never been able to kick the habit. He believes that many other writers may share this feeling with him, because there is something addictive in staining a wall. Thanks to graffiti, he has met very different people of different origins and hopes that he’ll keep doing that way for a long time.

Instagram: @siro_ratsarecoming