Contorno Urbano is a non-profit organization with a multidisciplinary members from fields like education, urban art, architecture, photography and comunication. The relationship between public space, art and the communities is what unite us. We develope custom-made projects for every city and neighbourhood.

Participation and Empowerment

We are working daily with high-risk collectives and local communities in all kind of empowerment projects through art. We use a metodology based in urbanism participative projects and we develop all the project with local agents to assure and excellent outcome. Because of that, it’s really important for us that the specific participant collective can make all the possible choices during all the process. Giving them choices and tools to engage and decide for them it’s a capital part of our philosophy.

You can see an exemple of a participation and empowerment project HERE.

Education and street art

Graffiti and muralism can be a very useful education tool: you can expect to highly motivate kids and teenagers for new ways of expression. Because it’s a very expressive and fun technique it could be a very effective educational channel. Through graffiti and muralism you can teach: Self-conscience about public space, how we live an co-exist in them, how we form a community and how this mean of expression can affect as a possitive force of change. This interventions stablish a strong bond between the student and the community. We teach urbanism, respect, art and the responsability of the public space.

You can see some of this projects HERE.

Curation and production

Intervine in the public space with an art piece requires artist that can understand the context and/or artist that can speak to you and transmit something. You can apply this same pattern to any curated art show in a gallery or museum with urban artists. It is the work of a good curator to choose the addecuate artist and tools to do so.

The 12+1 project is a curational street artist succes in the streets and in museums. You can see more HERE.

Consultoria i assesorament

Contorno Urbano is formed for proffesionals dedicated to street art and muralism with a long trajectory. We are a very well-rounded team with cultural managers, architects, teachers, etc. This interdisciplinary team allow us to assesorate corporations and goverments to develope artistic projects in the public space. Any intervenion in a public space should be curated in a way or another.

As an exemple, the MURAL’H project locate through study and paint different spaces with respected artists and local agents. You can see the project HERE.

You can contact us: or 666 496 398