Perrine Honoré is a French illustrator and graphic designer. She has studied Fashion Design (Sweden), Graphic Design (Epsaa, Paris) and a Master’s Degree in Design and Communication (Elisava, Barcelona). The illustration is the terrain in which she feels most comfortable, it allows her greater freedom to express herself and to dump her thoughts. Through a festive and colorful aesthetic, she builds a critical universe where madness and spontaneity prevail. She finds the inspiration in contemporary artists and designers, as well as in the history of art and everyday life. She is constantly looking for collaborations in a multitude of projects and with different supports: murals, children’s stories, visual identities, jewelery, textile prints, editorials, animation, set design, press and more! She began to capture her graphic on walls a couple of years ago and she loves to paint on a large scale, it is a very immersive and social work (she also makes participatory murals).