Obra: Insuficiente

The work of Octavi Serra, Insufficient, speaks directly and explicitly, playing typographically. The end, represent greed and constant dissatisfaction towards the circumstances of each moment. This feeling of never being completely satisfied even though the reason argues that we should be.


The work of the artist, designer and photographer from Girona, Octavi Serra, focuses on capturing the ironies and frustrations of modern life. Optical illusions and waste products are presented in public spaces and then photographed as part of an attractive philosophical series. The work of the Spanish artist is a sign of our times and a reaction to dissatisfaction with the current social landscape. Serra builds conceptual facilities that make fun of today’s culture and seriously question the status quo: each image portrays a message about some kind of socio-political problem. Whether surveillance, greed, corruption, environmental destruction, selfishness, technology … there is no stone left unturned.

Instagram: @ooss_ooss_ooss