Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life by promoting social participation to intervene in their public space, educational centers, etc. We want to reinforce social participation for a more active, committed and aware society about its power to change in its environment.

Through interventions of micro-urbanism, public art and participative processes we want to reverse pathologies and chronic deficiencies of our cities to improve them and make them more sustainable and efficient.

We understand that it is necessary to change the current dynamics and make the cities more involved for the entire population, training and empowering people to make the relevant changes and foster a culture of participation.


We believe in an active society committed to its environment in aspects such as the environment and efficiency in resource management, as well as in the collective needs in education, culture and common spaces. Networking and social participation is the basis of all our projects and collaboration with agents from the essential territory in each of the interventions we promote.

We want to build a more equitative, dialogant and efficient city that makes its inhabitants feel safe and that they have a relevant role in decision-making. We also promote an improvement in the conditions of the third sector, especially in the cultural sphere and the artists and professionals who intervene in the public space.