The artwork: Planos cromáticos  

The artist Mariadela Araujo presents us with a piece of embroidery in large format as a mural, allowing the viewer to confront direct chromatic variations produced by the scale of the color modules materialized in the physical space that project light and color to a specific space.

The artist

Mariadela Araujo is a textile artist and fashion designer from Caracas who lives and works in Barcelona. She has a bold, abstract and instinctive style that starts from an analytical study of the composition of color, all mixed with a Caribbean touch. Her work has changed in scale and the artist is focusing more and more on large format installations full of color. She has executed several projects in cities such as Caracas, Rome and Helsinki and nowadays she has her own studio in Barcelona, where she combines the teaching of the tapestry with the production of pieces, products, installations and collaborations related to the artistic world.

Instagram: @mariadela_araujo