The artwork

This November, it’s Lily Brik’s art the one exposed on the wall. In her own words, the mural is in a “very busy place. People go on their own, always on a rush, worried, from one place to another and with very little time for themselves”. That’s exactly why the artwork “invites to think about resting and the relaxing, about the self-respect and about looking for moments of peace and solitude to read or enjoy intimacy, a very rare and necessary good”.

The artist: Lily Brik

Born in Lleida, Catalunya, she has taken part in quite a few festivals and events in different cities, representing a new generation of artists who have a lot tos ay. Lily Brik speaks about herself: “I can’t define myself as a designer, an artist or a graffiti maker. I consider myself a creative person and I enjoy any graphic expression. Usually people paint during the childhood, but they forget about it once they grow up. Luckily, it stayed in my mind. Painting has always been my favourite way to express myself, the way of explaining what I couldn’t say through words”.