JUJOL140 Open Call

New open call for artists

A call has been made to select an artist in order to make a large-format mural commemorating the architect Josep Maria Jujol on the 140th anniversary of his birth. The mural will be developed within the framework of the Jujol140 project, initiative of the Sant Joan Despí City Council. For this, applications must be submitted within the indicated period and according to the procedure established in the regulatory rules. The prize for the winning artist is € 6,000. Displacement, subsistence and accommodation are responsibility of the winning artist.

The rules can be downloaded here:

All the interested artists must present as well the registration form (it can only be presented in Catalan or Spanish):

It is essential to have made large-format murals with long-term materials and be able to understand and speak some Catalan and/or Spanish.

The presentation of applications can be done in person at the City of Sant Joan Despí or online after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Province of Barcelona as of April 23. Link to apply online here.

All the information is in the bases; for questions and comments about them, you can contact the City Council via email: joventut@sjdespi.net.

For other questions, you can contact Contorno Urbano through the email info@contornourbano.com

Jujol’s work

Plan and photo of the wall that will be intervened

FAQ English:

Who can apply:

  • Individuals of legal age regardless of their country of birth or residence who can defend themselves in Catalan and / or Spanish (a minimum level is required).
  • Legal persons that have the capacity to act. In the case of legal persons, it will be necessary to designate the author and executor of painting the mural that will be, if necessary, the one finally appointed.
  • Groups can be presented, including the portfolio of all the people that form it. In the case of collectives, all the people who form it must be legal entities and select a representative. The representative will be the one who does all the procedures and management and then will be in charge of transferring it to the collective.

What to present:

  • Photocopy of the DNI, NIE or passport
  • The registration form that can be downloaded here completes: https://www.contornourbano.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Fitxa-Inscripci%C3%B3-castellano.docx
  • Portfolio of maximum 10 pages
  • An idea proposal (this is optional)


  • The last day to submit the application is on May 7
  • If it’s done by ordinary mail, the last day to send it is also May 7, even if it arrives later.

How to introduce yourself:

  • Telematically through the website of the City of Sant Joan Despí in the following link, all those people who have the possibility of doing online procedures (with cla@ve, digital certificate, UE certificate, etc. No need for IdCAT Mòbil): https://tramits.seu.cat/ABSIS/EAD/webspublicacion/eMiservicio/catala/VisorITs/C2FFC14F6BA849C28517F9729353E7D8.asp?codent=137&FIL_WTXIDTRAM=06C1841D3A944532B529D6BAE4B1BC0B&INF_WTXNOMTAB=F00000000&INF_WTXCHKTEL=S&INF_WTXIDSERT=F00000000&INF_WTXNOMTRA=Inst%E0ncia%20gen%E8rica (The link works, if fails at some point, you have to wait a bit and reload or change browser).
  • In person at the citizen service office of the Sant Joan Despí Town Hall.
  • Authorizing a person (natural person) to present the request on your behalf in person. To do this, in addition to the documentation specified in the bases, it must be added: a document signed by the two people + a photocopy of the DNI of the two where you specify that XXX authorizes XXXX to submit the documentation for the contes, but that, for the purposes of notification, the person must be the one who authorizes and not the authorized one.
  • Sending the documentation by ordinary mail clearly showing: name and surname, ID number and postal mail. To the attention of the Departament de Joventut de l’Ajuntament de Sant Joan Despí (Youth Department of the Sant Joan Despí Municipality). Address: Camí del mig 9, 08970.