The artwork

The wall is a colored serie of Acanto leafs and some of geometric architectonic elements in white and the composition is a dualism between the energy of the nature. The acanto leaf represent the nature in this work and is also a simbol that often you can see in several painting and classical architecture of the history of art and the urban solid geometries.


The artist

Etnik was born in Stockholm in 1972. He lives and works in Turin (Italy). Active since the early 90’s in the writing scene, Etnik has been searching new ways to push the limits of classical graffiti to an higher level of painting; he’s been painting large scale murals worldwide and organizing events to connect the best European artists.

From 2001 his way to paint starts to evolve to geometrical and architectural forms, still working on the lettering with a mixture of urban landscapes. This way to represent and criticize the city, and painting the urban volumes as an abstract composition, is Etnik’s guide lines: he works on different media from studio painting, to murals or sculpture and installation.