The same plaster torso seen from different angles. The painting is open to many interpretations, and each of them successful. For the artist, the plaster bodies are a good analogy for the rigid canons of beauty we’re used to. On the other hand, the fact that the material that forms these bodies is plaster, and not skin and bones, allows it to coexist without controversy in public space, which surely would not happen if these were real bodies. This fact for the artist is interesting because it highlights the lack of naturalness with which we still live our own nakedness and nature.


Elisa Capdevila is a muralist from Barcelona born in 1994. Her work as an urban artist is very influenced by her interest in human topics, such as personal relationships, intimacy and everyday life. She decided to interpret these themes with very varied images, but always within a figurative style, paying close attention to the harmony of colors and the plastic resources that the materials offer.