The last March, the artist Elbi was doing a painting on the Wall 12+1 in l’Hospitalet .  The artist said abaout her work:

“The idea was to do something that I had not done before, I proposed myself as a personal exercise use the architecture, elements and colors that surround the wall, integrate it in the environment, and break with the rectangle as the space to intervened. I continued the ring giving form to a flexible tube attached to the railing, so that the space grew and transformed. The railing can be understood as a stairway or the same railroad track also.

The composition is directed from a point of view where using the perspective, the lines of the buildings and adjacent walls, the railing, the cables of the train and the floor, that enter in the wall extending, forming a visual circuit across it with the movement of these and finally takes you to the train that passes constantly. An important piece in the intervention as it symbolizes traveling, moving forward, and movement.”