The artwork: Tommy

Tommy was the cat of Lina’s granny. Actually, it should have been quite a wild cat, because he used to go his own way and came back home when he wanted to – exactly when he needed to be fed and his fur needed to be fixed. The artist never got to know him, but she somehow did thanks to the tiles her granny made for the kitchen’s floor in honor of the feline.

The artist

Born in Essex (UK), Lina is an artist and aso an educator, Master’s in art and education by the Institute of Education of London, which makes her have a different vision of art. She works at the intersection between both disciplines and her projects do not follow the logic of any specific category, since her work and activity focus on the public space and the theme of the game. The informal, colorful and somehow mischievous style of Cristina Lina makes her artwork flashy and striking; and it can be interpreted in many ways.

Instagram: @cristinalinalina