Group exhibition with illustrators Emily Eldridge, Perrine Honoré, Outra (Ro Ledesma) and Cristina Lina. The thread that unites these four artists is very colorful. They come from different countries and although they explore their artistic practice in different ways, they all share a deep love for fluorescent colors, for the human subject in all its oddities, for the revitalization of the public thoroughfare, and for fireworks.

They will not allow us to make real explosions for this exhibition (it is a residential area) but the spectator can expect a lively and noisy show, which breaks with the conventions of the moderate and educated art galleries. There will be a summer tinto, pop music, and the artists will surprise us with new works of art and illustration.

Opening: Friday, March 15 at 8pm. The exhibition will be open until April 13.

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