Articula’t 2018

Articula’t is a project of ART, EDUCATION and SOCIAL INTERVENTION, which allows us to articulate artistic learning processes and the realization of a communitary mural with the educational centers. Reflection and dialogue processes, continuous evaluation of the learning process and the impact of the mural on the community are also incorporated.

In 2019 we collaborated with: School Pau Casals, School Ernest Lluch, School La Carpa, Ins Fontseré, Ins Gabriela Mistral, Ins Rubió i Ors, Ins Esteve Terrades i Ins Montserrat.

The objective of this initiative is to create a motor group in collaboration with each participating educational center, which is responsible for painting the mural accompanied by an artist. A group made up of young people who can reflect on the content of the mural, learn graffiti and painting techniques, and paint a mural on a day open to the participation of the entire community.

Objectives and considerations

– Give continuity to the project of the years 2015-2018 in the city of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

– Establish new alliances and work more complex subjects with the recipients to favor deeper reflections.

– Provide participants with the appropriate tools to reflect on the subject, design and execute a proposal appropriate to their real possibilities of execution.

– Find the balance between a community intervention carried out by the students and a final result with the quality that a professional artist would propose.

– Generate interest among the participants in the community and the mural arts.

Reflect and design

In all Articula’t projects the methodology we propose is the participation and open design with the entire educational center or the designated motor group. With this premise we dedicate different sessions at the beginning of the project to identify the topic on which we will reflect and present the ideas of how to represent it.
These ideas and design sessions are carried out by the reference artist of the intervention and the educational team of the foundation.

It is important within the project that in this phase we achieve a satisfactory degree of reflection on the premise of the project and we can identify what is the message that we would like to transmit to the other students of the center and to anyone who sees the work. Even so, it is important to be aware of the real possibilities we have when designing the final proposal.

Producing the artwork

The second phase is always of execution of the design that we have carried out among all. These sessions can last for different days or weeks depending on the availability of the students at the center and if the activity has been integrated as part of a specific subject or if we have more flexibility.
At all times the artist and the educational team accompany the students throughout the process.

We understand that in these interventions the degree of satisfaction with the final result by the participant is important to empower them with the space and the work carried out, but also the quality of the training they have received to carry out the intervention. The feeling of collective belonging generated by the project on the works is also important, since there is not a single author of the intervention.

 Video Summary

Accions destacades

Institut Eduard Fontseré

At the Eduard Fontseré Institute in the neighborhood of La Florida – Las Planes de L’Hospitalet de Llobregat we started a process of reflection with 4th ESO students about how we want the neighborhood to be and some of the problems and concerns of young people . A prominent concern was drug use and sexually transmitted diseases. That is why we chose to pay tribute to an artist like Keith Haring who allowed us to talk about the concerns of young people (he died of HIV in 1990) and at the same time make a colorful work that represented what we do want for the neighborhood.

The reflections that emerged from the co-design process with the young people were represented using the style of Keith Haring with his fresh, fun and easy to reproduce language. The execution of the work lasted 4 sessions. You can see the video with the whole process of both design and execution.

International refugee day 2018

Coinciding with the World Refugee Day (June 20), we formed an alliance with the INS Montserrat in Barcelona and the Casal Sagnier youth space to create a mural on this theme. In this case, the urban artist Spogo was contacted to jointly carry out the design with the participants.

Through reflection and awareness days, we made different proposals on how to represent an issue as complex as the situation of refugees.


The final design was made digitally by joining and mixing different flags of the countries from which the most people leave forced by situations of vulnerability, hunger and war, as well as the countries that receive the most refugees. The combination is a mixture of all national identities, since it is a problem that affects us all globally. We also invited artist Anna Repullo to perform an additional intervention on the same day for refugees with the same message.