Articula’t 2017

Articula’t it’s a project from CONTORNO URBANO with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and in colaboration with other non-profits organizations.

The project works with diferent colectives like youngsters or elder people through art and graffiti workshops.


Mural by artist Lucas Milà in the School Pere Lliscart (l’Hospitalet de Llobregat)

 This school celebrated its 40th anniversary with a mural in the schoolyard and a big party. Contorno Urbano’s team helped them to develop a community project, where children would be the main actors. Lucas Milà was chosen to paint the mural. Thanks to the technic that Lucas uses, the Project could me made on a participative way with 22 students of 6º.

Before creating the mural, 38 fellows students of 5º were in charge of taking the pictures the artist would need in order to paint.

The topic chosen was “multiculturalism”, something really meaningful for this school due to its geographic-social location. Using the same students as a representation of diversity was a way to reflect the multiculturalism of the school and show it with pride.


Metro Station Can Boixeres (l’Hospitalet de Llobregat)

This is an intersectional project (urban art + arquitecture) for public space in the metro station Can Boixeres for the Week of Sustainable and Safe Mobility 2017.

It’s the project more intersectional, where more agents participated in an active way. The most important group has been from the high school Apelas, and a child-youth club called Sanfeliu-Sant Ildefons also participated, as well as the neighbour’sassociation and the senior citizens’ home.

Some of the agents painted and the others participated in the definition of the project. Municipal operators from l’Hospitalet City Council also helped.